Spectacular video from Bills stadium proves NFL made right decision postponing Steelers-Bills

Orchard Park got absolutely dumped on and was in no state to host a Wild Card game right as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills were originally scheduled.

At Least 25 Dead After Historic Buffalo Blizzard That Has Paralyzed The City
At Least 25 Dead After Historic Buffalo Blizzard That Has Paralyzed The City / John Normile/GettyImages

If it were possible to play the Wild Card game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon in snowy conditions, it would have been one that got replayed over and over as an iconic snow game.

In the end, the government of the state of New York stepped in and put an end to things, declaring a state of emergency and travel ban in Erie County that forced the NFL to consider other options for the game. It was postponed for Monday afternoon mid-day Saturday.

The discourse on Saturday and Sunday ranged from, "the league has gone soft," to, "the weather isn't even that bad," to, "then why isn't their in-progress new stadium a dome?" Suffice it to say, people who have never stepped foot in Western New York didn't understand the concept of lake effect snow.

Several videos show how impossible this game would have been to hold, but one steps out above the rest.

The Bills field looked like Antartica on Saturday night

Check out this video of Highmark Stadium on Saturday night:

Mind you, this was just as the weather was beginning in Buffalo. The weather continued throughout Sunday when the game was supposed to be played.

Check out this video from Adam Campos of WKBW in Buffalo in response to a video from a Steelers fan in downtown Buffalo on Sunday afternoon, right around kickoff time. It shows just how different the lake effect impact is between even nearby cities. One city can get snow dropped on it like it's coming out of a god-size dump truck, another might just get a little dusting.

The league made the right call. I won't deny the obvious: A blizzard game would have been a whole heck of a lot of fun. But last year, 47 died in Buffalo in a similar storm. The safety of fans was prioritized, and that's a good thing.

And for those questioning why a dome isn't being built? This game wouldn't have been played indoors or outdoors. The Steelers, and maybe even some Bills players, wouldn't have been able to get to Orchard Park anyway. It would have been a ridiculously dangerous trek for fans, stadium staff, and players alike.

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