Steelers fans convinced Browns ruined playoff chances for insane reason

Is the Terrible Towel Curse for real? The Browns are about to find out.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave Terrible Towels
Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave Terrible Towels / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns may have handed the Pittsburgh Steelers their fourth loss of the season on Sunday, but some Steelers fans are convinced bigger Ls are coming for the Browns.

That's because Browns players, including cornerback Mike Ford, disrespected the Terrible Towel after their last-second 13-0 victory.

Ford was captured throwing a Terrible Towel onto the ground and then picking it up and wiping his behind with it as he trotted off the field. Immediately, Steelers fans on Twitter took note with a warning.

The Browns are 7-3 with wins in their last three games. But they might be heading for a skid if the Terrible Towel Curse comes down on them.

What is the Terrible Towel Curse? Steelers fans believe the Browns are toast

Steelers fans are convinced that teams that disrespect the Terrible Towel get their cosmic comeuppance.

Take the Jaguars, who celebrated their victory over the Steelers with some towel shenanigans and then got curbstomped by the 49ers the next week.

The Titans and Bengals have each seemed to pick up the curse as well.

So maybe Ford flew too close to the sun there. Maybe the Browns are due for a huge letdown. After all, they're starting rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson at quarterback after a season-ending injury to DeShaun Watson.

And they're going to be on the road for the next two weeks. Cleveland is playing the Broncos and Rams, not exactly the stiffest competition in the league. Then again, the Broncos are on an improbable four-game winning streak with victories over the Packers, Chiefs, Bills and Vikings. The Rams just pulled off a win over the Seahawks. So those aren't cupcakes.

If the Browns did lose those games, would that be proof of the Terrible Towel Curse claiming another victim? Or proof that it's tough to win in the NFL when you're on the road and starting a rookie quarterback? You decide.

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