Steelers: Mike Tomlin deserves academy award for latest Matt Canada deflection

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin credited the fans when asked about calls for Matt Canada to be fired.
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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin commented on Matt Canada's future with the team to reporters on Tuesday, just hours after fans at Acrisure Stadium started a 'Fire Canada' chant that could be heard on the live television broadcast.

Canada, who has received much of the blame for Pittsburgh's poor offensive play over the last few years, continues to get a pass from Tomlin, at least. On Tuesday, he responded to fans with a performance worthy of an Academy Award.

"I appreciate their passion. ... This is the sport entertainment business. It's our job to win and thus entertain them. We don't begrudge them for that. We want them to fat and sassy and spoiled. That's our job," Tomlin said, per Brooke Pryor. a bunch of nothing -- a word sandwich, if you will. Tomlin somehow complimented his fanbase while saying nothing at all about his offensive coordinator's future. Since Canada was promoted to OC, the Steelers have yet to register a game with more than 400 yards of total offense. Every other NFL team has done so at least three times. That's what fans are upset about.

Steelers: Will Mike Tomlin ever fire Matt Canada?

Eventually, Tomlin's hand will be forced, especially if the Steelers offense continues to play this poorly. So far this season, Pittsburgh's defense has been far more productive when it comes to scoring points than its offense. Kenny Pickett has taken a decisive step back after an exciting preseason full of highlights.

What the heck happened? Well, Canada's offense is predictable, and frankly not made for the NFL game. Canada excels as a college offensive coordinator, in part because he uses motion and speed to his advantage. In the NFL, every defensive player can pretty much keep up with the non-Tyreek Hills of the world.

That and his failure to develop what many considered to be the most NFL-ready QB in the draft will be his undoing, just not yet.

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