Steelers Rumors: 3 more trades to make after dumping Kevin Dotson to the Los Angeles Rams

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded Kevin Dotson over the weekend, but that shouldn't be the end of their roster purge.

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Steelers Rumors: It's time to finally trade a QB

Mason Rudolph has been on the chopping block for quite some time now. While Rudolph was once drafted to be the heir-apparent to Ben Roethlisberger, he didn't make the most of his reps, and now sits as a worst-case scenario third stringer behind Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky.

Rudolph could serve as a dependable veteran backup for some teams, but he's wasting away in Pittsburgh after losing the QB competition in last year's training camp. Rudolph isn't a real threat to take practice reps away from Trubisky, who in large part proved he can be a dependable starter in Matt Canada's offense if Pickett were to go down with an injury.

Rudolph has a refreshing approach in training camp this offseason. Rather than brooding about his lost opportunity, Rudolph instead has relished the opportunity to compete for reps, and bond with teammates.

"Yeah, it's probably the most fun I had in the quarterback room thus far in my career," Rudolph said, per the Breakfast with Benz podcast. "Just get along so well, that was a factor (of why he re-signed with Pittsburgh). Obviously, knowing the offense, just the comfortability of this place...I think anytime wouldn't you want to go to work with someone you enjoy spending time with? I think we all would."

As much as Rudolph may be fitting in, there are plenty of quarterback-needy teams out there. Expect Omar Khan to do his due diligence and see if he can find a suitor for a veteran QB under contract. Rudolph has played in meaningful games, and proven he can compete at the highest level.

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