Steelers Rumors: 4 centers Pittsburgh must target after releasing Mason Cole

Pittsburgh Steelers C Mason Cole
Pittsburgh Steelers C Mason Cole / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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1. Drafting Jackson Powers-Johnson at No. 20 is the Steelers best bet

Turning our attention back to the draft, this could be a case wherein the Steelers' most pressing need this offseason is now center. Even if Mason Cole was objectively bad as the starter last season, his release creates a hole for which there is no obvious option on the roster to fill in for him.

So what do teams often do when it comes to the biggest need? They look to the first round of the draft. And it just so happens that there is a center prospect who has propelled himself into that conversation as a first-rounder and being a viable option for the Steelers with the No. 20 overall pick: Oregon's Jackson Powers-Johnson.

One of the biggest standouts from the Senior Bowl, Powers-Johnson is a complete freak. At 330 pounds with a massive frame, he moves like the more athletic build centers that we see more frequently in the modern NFL. That combination of frame and athleticism allows him to be an exceptionally versatile piece for any pro team looking to draft him.

Even better when it comes to the Oregon product, Powers-Johnson is just 21 years old. Sometimes, that youth and inexperience does show up on tape. But that also means that his already impressive film still has room to improve even further as he progresses in his NFL career as well.

When you put the total package together, Powers-Johnson would be an immediate upgrade from Mason Cole but with the potential to develop into one of the long-term best centers in the league. For the Steelers in their current situation, it's hard to argue that this isn't their best option to fill that need.

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