Steelers Rumors: Big Ben calls out Canada, Mike Tomlin blame, good injury news?

  • Ben Roethlisberger calls out Steelers OC Matt Canada
  • Mike Tomlin deserves blame for disastrous offense
  • A rare morsel of good Steelers injury news
Kenny Pickett, Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers
Kenny Pickett, Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers Rumors: Mike Tomlin garners blame for Matt Canada disaster

Mike Tomlin's reputation is as good as gold in Pittsburgh and he is widely — and rightfully — considered one of the best coaches in football. That said, even the best coaches have weak points and Tomlin's resilience to change is his.

Matt Canada has been in the OC chair since 2021, overseeing the transition from Big Ben to Kenny Pickett. In that span, the Steelers are the only NFL team never to accumulate 400 total yards in a game. Every other NFL team has done it at least three times.

Most Pittsburgh fans assumed last season was Canada's final straw, but Tomlin has remained steadfast in his commitment to Canada and the Steelers' current offensive scheme. That's a huge mistake. The proof is in the pudding: Pittsburgh's offense doesn't put up the yardage necessary to consistently compete with the NFL's heavyhitters, especially when the defense falters.

Tomlin and Canada aren't the only forces worthy of blame here — Pickett has to play better, the offensive line has to give Pickett more time in the pocket, the receiving corps has to get healthy — but generally, it's a coach's job to manage his personnel and put the pieces on the field in the best possible position. Canada has not done so, yet Tomlin continues to empower him in the OC role.

Change is inevitable, but Tomlin and the Steelers front office would be wise to move with haste. There's no point in wasting a season of Pickett's prime developmental years on a shoddy offense with no real forward momentum.