3 Steelers who need benched or fired after another awful offensive performance

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some tough choices to make after a narrow win over the Cleveland Browns. The offense played horribly yet again.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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NFL Rumors: Steelers need to make a big offensive line change

Dan Moore isn't cutting it. While facing off against Myles Garrett and a tough Cleveland Browns defensive line was always going to be rough, Moore has the positional flexibility to be moved elsewhere if needed. That's where Pittsburgh should be using him, rather than taking up a spot that should go to first-round selection Broderick Jones.

Garrett and the Browns defensive line ran laps around Moore. Frankly, it was downright tough to watch. As bad as Pickett was at the QB position, Moore and the offensive line was worse in providing time for him to throw. Until that happens, it's tough to evaluate Pickett and Matt Canada's offense, since we don't really see it in motion at a consistent clip.

Jones is a first-round selection for a reason. Moore competed well in training camp and earned his starting spot. Jones, meanwhile, has some learning to do. But if Moore is going to give up this many QB pressures, then can't Jones at the very least learn on the job and provide some upside? Surely it can't get worse.