Steelers Rumors: Kendrick Green authorizes Big Ben slander, QB turned OL, position battle settled

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  • Steelers waive Braden Mann to settle punter battle
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Kendrick Green, Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
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Steelers Rumors: Braden Mann waived, Pressley Harvin confirmed as punter

The Steelers originally kept two punters after Tuesday's roster cut deadline, but Braden Mann has officially been waived, per Josh Alper of NBC Sports PFT. Mann, a sixth-round pick to the Jets in 2020, joined the Steelers as a waiver claim over the summer. He was engaged in an open competition with Pressley Harvin to be the team's punter.

Well, it is Harvin's team now. Harvin was the Steelers' own seventh-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He appeared in all 17 games last season, executing 69 punts with an average distance of 44.5 yards. His longest punt went for 69 yards. He will now have full reign of the punting room for a third straight season.

Mann, meanwhile, will search for his next NFL home on a barren market. Teams generally don't roster more than one punter, which mean Mann could have to wait for injuries to lead to opportunities midseason. The 25-year-old appeared in 17 games for New York last season, executing 83 punts with a 46.9-yard average. He led the NFL in total punt yardage as a rookie, so there's reason to believe other teams will give Mann a gander.

According to SteelersNow, the Philadelphia Eagles are a team with rumored interest in Mann. It shouldn't be too long before he's with another team. He's front of the free agent line at his position.