Steelers rumors: Will Diontae Johnson be traded? Why Sullivan is calling plays explained, another coach on way out?

  • Could another coach follow suit with Matt Canada's exit?
  • Why Mike Sullivan has taken play calling duties
  • Diontae Johnson offseason trade: How likely is it?

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Matt Canada is gone. Pittsburgh Steelers fans have rejoiced. What's next? More players and coaches could certainly move on, some before the end of the year if things go south, and some before the start of next season.

Steelers Depot made a good point about the future of a particular Steelers coach, Matt Tomsho, and the likelihood of whether or not he'll remain with the Steelers in 2024 and beyond.

A quick look at his job history would suggest he's unlikely to be with the team much longer. Tomsho currently serves as the team's quality control coach and the team website indicates he prepares video and does some light opponent scouting.

Tomsho, as Depot points out, has essentially tailed Canada throughout his career, serving as an assistant of sorts for Canada wherever he's landed. He's gone from Pitt to LSU to Maryland to the Steelers. The only job he's had that wasn't co-working with Canada was a DIII job in Wisconsin in 2019, when Canada took a year off from coaching in between stops.

Clearly, Canada and Tomsho are tied at the hip.

One would think that the only way Tomsho stays in Pittsburgh is if he's really impressed others in the organization -- mainly, Mike Tomlin -- and wants to stick around to make a name for himself without Canada by his side. Impossible to say with certainty at this point.