It's official: The worst Steelers' quarterback take has hit the airwaves

This Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback take is almost as bad as keeping Mitchell Trubisky around.

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers
Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

I don't even know what to say anymore. If there is an NFL team sucking all the air out of the room when it comes to their bad quarterback situation, it is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The worst part in all this is Mike Tomlin's team does not seem to understand that Kenny Pickett is not a solution, and neither is bringing back Mason Rudolph to back him up. You cannot run it back after last season.

While there have been veteran quarterbacks tied to Pittsburgh such as Kirk Cousins, Justin Fields, Baker Mayfield and Ryan Tannehill, Rich Eisen may have given us the worst possible signal-caller the Steelers could sign this offseason: The soon-to-be-released Jimmy Garoppolo. He will be suspended for the first two games of next season and is expected to be released by the Las Vegas Raiders soon.

Garoppolo has been a backup before, but that has not been his role since leaving New England...

"Maybe he’s a guy who winds up in Pittsburgh, backing up Kenny Pickett? Honestly,” Eisen said.

While Garoppolo seems to be a likable guy in the locker room, the most handsome quarterback in the league is arguably the most brittle. The PED suspension makes it worse, but the fact Garoppolo cannot stay healthy for the life of him makes him a terrible fit to go to one of the four teams in the NFL's black and blue division. He might break in half in the second meeting vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

Here is the Overreaction Monday episode of The Rich Eisen Show in which this fiery take was forged.

Even if Garoppolo missed two games, he would probably not play in the other 15 remaining anyway.

Jimmy Garoppolo to the Pittsburgh Steelers would cause Yinzers to riot

If there is any upside to the Steelers possibly signing Garoppolo in free agency, there is this. He would not garner a huge number because of injury concerns and other reasons. In all honesty, Garoppolo would actually do a fine job running Arthur Smith's offense. Could he gel with the guys already in the Steelers' locker room? No, it wouldn't shock me. What would though is him starting 15 games in 2024.

With the Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns all having punishing defenses, the Steelers should not consider signing Garoppolo unless they spent the rest of their available cap space on improving the offensive line. Even if Omar Khan were to do that, Garoppolo will find a way to get hurt because that is what he does. If that were to happen, we might be looking at a 5-12 team...

What the Steelers need to look for at quarterback this offseason is a guy who offers two things above all else: Durability and dynamism. We are not looking for the Steelers to reinvent the wheel here, but rather elevate the floor of one of their roster's greatest weaknesses. The defense should remain good because it is part of the franchise's ethos. As for the offense, it will keep holding this team back.

Signing Garoppolo would be like signing Tannehill if he already had a two-game suspension for PEDs.

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