Steelers rumors: WR target in view, Another already signed, Pickett more valuable than Fields?

  • Steelers are trying to lure a wide receiver to Steel City
  • They've already signed another to get Russell Wilson an early fresh weapon
  • Kenny Pickett was a more tenable trade piece than Justin Fields

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Kenny Pickett was chosen by Eagles over Justin Fields

And just like that, the Kenny Pickett experience for the Pittsburgh Steelers is over. While the writing was on the wall when the Steelers signed Russell Wilson, there was still a thought that the two quarterbacks could battle it out for the starting job, even though Pickett dethroning the veteran Wilson seemed like a bit of a long shot.

As the Pickett news surfaced and shocked the NFL world, we learned details about the trade and specifically where else the Eagles looked before landing on Pickett.

Specifically, the Eagles also inquired about Bears quarterback Justin Fields according to Dan Graziano, but the two sides reportedly could not agree on a price. They pivoted to Pickett.

What does that say about the two quarterbacks? Was Pickett viewed as more attractive than Fields? Or was he simply available for cheaper? It's hard to say, exactly, without seeing the price the Bears were asking for for Fields, but indications are the Bears are having trouble moving Fields. The Steelers were able to move off Pickett relatively easily, it seems.

Pittsburgh moved off of Pickett -- who reportedly was becoming an issue from a team-building perspective -- before his value diminished too far. Worked out as well as it could have for the Steelers, one would have to assume.