4 Steelers who could follow Matt Canada out the door in Pittsburgh

Matt Canada is out as Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator. His departure could be just the first wave of exts that change the team from this season to next.

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Najee Harris

What has happened with Najee Harris? After his 2021 Pro Bowl selection, Harris has languished in the Matt Canada system and is Case A1 when looking for examples of players that have had their careers stunted by playing under the disgraced offensive coordinator.

Harris went from 18.1 attempts per game in 2021 to 16.0 in 2022 and 12.8 in 2023. His success rate has dropped every year and his yards per game have dipped below 50 this season after his rookie season featured 70.6 per game.

Harris's lack of inclusion in the play-calling, and an inability to figure out how to use him effectively is one of the biggest sins of the short-lived Canada era in Pittsburgh. While Steelers fans are likely hoping this works itself out, it may be too far gone and worthwhile to look for a trade opportunity.

Harris is still young, just 25 years old, and could generate plenty of trade interest from teams around the league in need of fresh legs that think they can repurpose Harris within their system. Surveying the best trade pieces Pittsburgh has if they want to go for an all-out retool, Harris is near the top of the list.