4 Steelers who could follow Matt Canada out the door in Pittsburgh

Matt Canada is out as Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator. His departure could be just the first wave of exts that change the team from this season to next.
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Kenny Pickett

With Matt Canada out, Kenny Pickett might have just become the de facto most frustrating figure in Pittsburgh football.

Pickett's two-year career has been up-and-down, to say the least. He's got a winning record, 13-9, and even has six comebacks and seven game-winning drives to his name already in the 22 games he's started. That's... Low key impressive?

Yet, Pickett ranks 38th in expected points added over the last two seasons. Here are some notable names that rank ahead of him:

  • Josh Dobbs
  • Desmond Ridder
  • Justin Fields
  • Gardner Minshew II
  • Mitchell Trubisky
  • Taylor Heinicke
  • Andy Dalton
  • Marcus Mariota
  • Sam Howell
  • Jacoby Brissett

Looking at various advanced metrics and where Pickett ranks in his first two seasons, he often lands in the same place: 30th or worst. He's quite simply, been a fairly mediocre quarterback thus far, and his abilities clearly liken to that of a backup quarterback more than a winning starter.

Yet the Steelers are in the hunt for a playoff spot, and even an AFC North win if they play things right. And he'll now be out under the shadow of Canada.

We'll find out a lot over these next few weeks. One: How much was Canada holding Pickett back? Two: Can Pickett will the Steelers to a postseason appearance?

If he can accomplish the latter, expect him to remain in Pittsburgh. But an implosion will likely have the Steelers looking at options at quarterback once again this offseason.

With the Matt Canada excuse gone, the pressure is on Pickett to win.

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