Steph Curry calls himself the best point guard in NBA history

When Gilbert Arenas asked Steph Curry if he was the best point guard ever, Curry didn't hesitate to answer.
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As his summer of sinking hole-in-ones comes to a close, the Warriors' star sat down with Gilbert Arenas to talk about his defensive improvement, the future of the league, and how Chris Paul will impact the Warriors' chemistry. What drew the most attention though, was Curry's opinion as to who is the greatest point guard of all time.

Warriors: Steph Curry dubs himself best point guard in NBA history

"Yes? I have to-yes. It's me and Magic, that would be the conversation?"

Steph Curry

Many people could argue that Magic Johnson's five championships and three MVP's automatically put him above Curry on the point guard totem pole. However, Arenas believes Curry's style of play has had a greater impact on the future of the game than Magic's, especially in terms of youth.

"I'm thinking about the '90s growing up, there was nobody trying to be a 6-foot-9 point guard. Right? But I can witness and watch every kid trying to be Curry. The influence that you really have on the game from the position as a player. Like, I look at the stats and I say okay Magic, then Curry. When I look at the kids and watch AAU? It's like nah."

Gilbert Arenas

Stats aside, it's necessary to consider who the kids emulate. Who's name do they yell on the playground after pulling up from 25-feet? Here's the thing, we have never seen a point guard shoot the ball like Stephen Curry. Heck, most shooting guards can't even hold a candle to Curry's perimiter ability. Steph's four championships, unanimous MVPs, and nine All-Star appearances prove that. With that being said, Curry is justified in making this claim.

During the podcast, one of the co-hosts used the term, "Post-Tramautic-Steph-Disorder" which not only perfectly describes Curry's ability to frustrate his opponents on the court, but also the state of basketball as we know it. Teams shoot more threes than ever before. And as far as the 3-point revolution goes, Stephen Curry has a lot to do with it. To have this type of effect on the game, you need to be doing something extraordinary. Ultimately, Steph's impact on basketball and the way it's played is something we can all witness

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