Stephen A. Smith roasted Shannon Sharpe forgetfulness without saying a word

Shannon Sharpe hopefully has learned his new TV partners name by now.
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

Shannon Sharpe joining Stephen A. Smith's ESPN show First Take as a rotating guest has comedic meme potential like no other sports talk show ever has before. Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless were electric on that front, and Stephen A. Smith tends to be even more incendiary.

Will you get thoughtful, accurate takes on the sports you love? I can't promise you that. But I can promise that you will shake your head, laugh a little, maybe a lot, and at least get a few screenshots and gifs you can take to your favorite group chat. And in the end, isn't that worth more?

Shannon Sharpe kept calling Stephen A. Smith his old partner's name in First Take debut

This is like dating a new person and calling them by your ex's name. It's not a good look, and it stings a little, too!

Just an old habit, but Shannon Sharpe repeatedly called Stephen A. Smith "Skip" in his debut on First Take. His Partner on Undisputed was, of course, Skip Bayless.

Stephen A. Smith roasted Shannon Sharpe with props

Only right that Stephen A. Smith clapped back on Tuesday at Shannon Sharpe. The best part is he didn't even need to say a word. All he did was slap a nametag on to remind the world (or, maybe just Sharpe) that he is, in fact, Stephen A., and it said everything that needed to be said.

Maybe the next time Sharpe is on, he'll get the names down. Luckily, Stephen A. can take jabs with the best of him, so he's probably not too butthurt over this one.

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