Steve Cohen apologizes to the only Marlins fan for their rainout

Steve Cohen, the Mets' owner, reveals his character by extending an apology to the Marlins and their fans due to insufficient field conditions that led to the recent game getting postponed.

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

In a recent tweet, Mets' owner Steve Cohen decided to apologize to Marlins' fans because of a rainout that postponed the game, forcing a doubleheader on Wednesday.

In the tweet, Cohen said, "Our sincere apologies to the Marlins and their fans for having to postpone last night's game. We know how important this series is to the Marlins, and every effort was made to get the field playable."

He may be the richest MLB owner, but he is also one of the biggest fans of baseball as a whole. The main reason he bought the Mets was to turn them contenders. In delaying the Marlins from possibly making the playoffs, he felt it was right to apologize because the Mets staff was unable to make the field playable.

Postseason hopes are starting to fall short for the Marlins

The Marlins currently hold a 42.7 percent chance to make the postseason as they are half a game down in the Wild-Card race to the Chicago Cubs. Many understand this is a major inconvenience since a doubleheader taxes the bullpens and pitchers more, but there was nothing the Mets could do when the field conditions were deemed unplayable because of Tropical Storm Ophelia.

Marlins center fielder Jazz Chisholm Jr. said, "We just want to go out there and enjoy this opportunity. Everybody's been trying to tell us, at least, that we don't deserve to be here." He continued and said, "We're as together as we've ever been this season," per AP News.

The Marlins are one of the best underdog stories in 2023, but recently it seems they are cursed as they've lost two of their best pitchers in Eury Pérez and Sandy Alcantara. Now they are also forced to work around the weather in the last week with no breaks.

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