Super Bowl 58 coin toss result and results from last 10 years

A simple coin toss can determine more than you might think at the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Tails never fails, right? The Super Bowl coin toss is always over-produced and frankly, overdramatized some to my liking. Officials announce their presence as if on a reality show, and are typically accompanied by an NFL star or celebrity performer. No, I kid you not.

The coin toss only goes so far to determine the outcome of a game. While the winner of said toss will get to either receive the opening kickoff or defer to the second half, it doesn't offer a tremendous advantage barring the coin toss doesn't occur in overtime.

If any San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs are reading this article, unfortunately the split is quite even between heads and tails itself. In 57 Super Bowls so far, the coin has landed on tails 30 times and heads 27 times. Tails has won seven of the last 10 coin tosses, and the longest streak ever was five straight heads between Super Bowls XLIII and XLVII.

Super Bowl 58 coin toss result: Was it heads or tails?

The coin toss at Super Bowl 58 was heads. The 49ers had called tails on the toss, meaning the Chiefs won the coin toss. That proved to be beneficial for Kansas City in the previous year's Super Bowl as they won the coin toss and went on to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles. At the same time, they lost the toss in the previous Super Bowl meeting with the 49ers and went on to win that contest.

Truth be told, winning the Super Bowl coin toss has yielded a mixed bag historically.

Super Bowl coin toss history: Winning doesn't always guarantee success

While winning the coin toss is always preferred, as it gives that team a chance to control its own destiny and start the first half with an advantage (such as getting the ball first with an explosive offense), it hasn't always guaranteed a victory.

Super Bowl

Coin toss result

Coin toss winner

Super Bowl 57: Chiefs vs Eagles



Super Bowl 56: Rams vs Bengals



Super Bowl 55: Chiefs vs Buccaneers



Super Bowl 54: 49ers vs Chiefs



Super Bowl 53: Patriots vs Rams



Super Bowl 52: Eagles vs Patriots



Super Bowl 51: Patriots vs Falcons



Super Bowl 50: Panthers vs Broncos



Super Bowl 49: Patriots vs Seahawks



Super Bowl 48: Seahawks vs Broncos



The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 57 after securing the coin toss. Prior to Kansas City, however, the last eight coin toss winners went on to lose the Super Bowl itself.

Perhaps with KC facing off against the San Francisco 49ers, that luck will change. The last time these two teams played in the Super Bowl just a few years ago, San Francisco won the coin toss, but ultimately lost the game against the Chiefs and a young Patrick Mahomes.

Heads or tails? Perhaps the right choice is neither.