Super Bowl ticket prices 2024: Cheapest and most expensive tickets to Chiefs-49ers

Here's how much diehard fans would need to pay to get into this year's Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

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Tickets for the Super Bowl are one of the hottest commodities in American sports all throughout the year, so they're understandably difficult to get your hands on in the primary market. Entry stubs to the game are divvied up between the two teams represented. A smaller slice typically goes to other NFL teams.

The tranches of tickets allocated to the two represented teams are generally given to season ticket holders of the team(s) in a lottery system. Fans can enter the lottery, and if they win, then they can secure Super Bowl tickets at face value.

Most fans who have secured tickets through the lottery will happily pay that face value of the tickets and go themselves and experience the biggest game of the year. After all, how many people do you know that can say they saw a Super Bowl in person?

Others will try to re-sell the tickets on the secondary market, but one can assume the peak supply of tickets falls far below the peak demand.

That high demand is evidenced by the astonishing price in the aftermarket of tickets to the big game each year.

Cheapest tickets to Super Bowl LVIII between Chiefs, 49ers

On most aftermarket sites, the cheapest ticket to the big game between the Niners and Chiefs is around $8,000 after fees just days ahead of the game. That's more than a tenth of the median household income in the United States as of the last available Census data.

UPDATE: Ticket prices have dropped to under $7,000 if that suddenly makes the prospect of going to the big game more affordable to you.

Most expensive tickets to Super Bowl LVIII between Chiefs, 49ers

Of available tickets on the aftermarket, the most expensive I saw closed in on $45,000. That was for right at the 50-yard line at the club level.

Reportedly, though, Allegiant Stadium was selling booths in its Wynn Field Club for a whopping $650,000. Before you fall all the way out of your chair: That includes room for 15 people in each club seating area, but that's still over $40,000 per person. It includes food and drinks. I guess, at that price, you'd certainly hope so.

The Wynn Club does offer incredible views of the field, but it's in an endzone, so any action on the other side of the 50-yard line might be tough to see.

How does ticket pricing for Super Bowl LVIII compare to Super Bowl LVII last year?

Tickets for last year's game in Arizona clocked in at about $7,000 on the low end in the aftermarket and as high as $43,000. A little cheaper than this year. That's the Vegas effect!

Seat Geek, an aftermarket ticket sales company, told CBS that two weeks out from the event, prices were up by about 36 percent compared to last year, which was the most expensive yet.

Allegiant Stadium has a slightly higher capacity than State Farm Stadium, where last year's Super Bowl was held.