Absurd TikTok conspiracy says Taylor Swift is sabotaging Travis Kelce, Chiefs to help Eagles

Here we have it -- the worst social media take of all-time: Is Taylor Swift sabotaging Travis Kelce and the Chiefs to help her hometown Eagles?
2023 Video Music Awards - Backstage
2023 Video Music Awards - Backstage / John Shearer/GettyImages

Taylor Swift said it first -- I'm the problem, it's me.

With recent dating 'rumors', if we can call them that, surrounding Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, a new TikTok conspiracy has awakened trolls across the internet. Could Swift, a native of 'right outside of Philly', really be using her newfound KC connections to sabotage the Chiefs season?

It's farfetched, but if there's one thing I've learned about TikTok in my very limited existence on the app, it's that these people do not live in reality. It's the perfect place to start a conspiracy theory, and this is a great one.

While I'm a huge fan of the music-sports crossover conspiracy theory, this one has a few holes. First, we don't even know that Kelce and Swift are dating. Second, Kelce didn't even play in the team's first game, so how would he be able to have an influence on the end result? Thirdly, it's been one game. Let's relax, people.

T-Swift has far more important things to worry about than the 2023 NFL season, like sweeping the VMA awards this week (I see you, Taylor).

Taylor Swift conspiracy theory, explained: Could artist sabotage Chiefs season?

So, this conspiracy theory suggests that Swift is only dating Kelce to (eventually) ruin the Chiefs season. It all depends on the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City reuniting in the Super Bowl, as well as Swift eventually performing in the Super Bowl halftime show AFTER her and Kelce break up. It's all a bit much.

In the end, this is what makes the NFL such an intriguing product. It can cross platforms, time and space, get involved in a T-Swift dating conspiracy theory and then return to normal all in time for Sunday's slate.

Yes, Swift is an Eagles fan. But if her and Kelce are involved in any sort of way (which we don't know, to be clear), it's likely a feeling of mutual admiration, rather than a sinister plot. But we'll give this theory an A for effort.

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