Taylor Swift is definitely at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce play

So this is a thing now?! Taylor Swift is absolutely watching Travis Kelce play some football, y'all!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift / Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

Taylor Swift is totally at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce play for the Kansas City Chiefs

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the same age and are super duper famous, so make it happen, y'all!

There was some speculation why Swift took a pause on another one of her colossal tours. It lined up with a Kansas City Chiefs' home game vs. the absolutely toothless Chicago Bears. Not that long ago, Kelce tried to give Swift a bracelet with his phone number on it at her concert. Fate would have it, the most popular singer-songwriter alive made her way to Arrowhead Stadium for this one football game.

According to Adam Schefter, and anyone with eyes, yes, Swift is at Arrowhead to watch Kelce play.

Thanks to Chris Vannini's elite screen-grabbing abilities, we can see Swift next to Kelce's mom Donna Kelce inside of a Arrowhead Stadium box. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. That is all I'm saying...

For the love of god, can this be a thing now so we don't have to be keeping up with The Mahomeses?

Taylor Swift is absolutely watching Travis Kelce play for the Chiefs today

Do I believe in love? Oh, hell yeah! I'm peers with Kelce and Swift, so for all of us Fall of 1989 babies, make us proud! While I may not be the biggest fan of her music, I appreciate it like Hansel does with whatever Sting did in the 2000s. As for Kelce, he might be the best tight end to ever play in the NFL. His body has held up well and he is not slowing down, even into his mid-30s like the rest of us has.

I don't know if this is going to be good, bad or ugly for all parties involved, but I sure as hell am interested. This is the most fascinated I have been about a potential couple since Brad Pitt first had his thing with Angelina Jolie. It was way better than whatever Ben Affleck got himself into with various Jennifers. T-Swift and T-Kelc. I mean, who doesn't love the sound of that? That's a power couple, bro!

Overall, I really have nothing to add to this other than pure curiosity and an undying hope that this love affair made in the heart of America can overtake the former homeroom escapades emanating from one Tyler, Texas. Patrick Mahomes may be Dan Marino with two rings, but I want to see my peers give the people what they want. It could be way better than Tony Romo getting with Jessica Simpson.

For better or worse, Swift took some time out of her busy life to see what this Kelce guy is all about.

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