Texas A&M fans all want seats to the Jimbo-Petrino three-ring circus

As Texas A&M tries to rebuild from a terrible offensive 2022-23 campaign, the Aggies have been able to sell out their allotted season tickets. Does the 12th man believe in their new offense?
LSU v Texas A&M
LSU v Texas A&M / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

As reported by A&M's social media department, Texas A&M has sold out their season ticket allotment for the upcoming college football season. In the post, the Aggies mention that they have been able to sell 39,000 sports passes (student season tickets) and 53,000 additional season tickets sold through the 12th Man Foundation.

According to Texas A&M's own website, student tickets for all athletic events cost $875 per student. The pass includes admission into the Aggies' eight games. Based on the cost of the sports pass without college football student tickets added, the value of these tickets is $525 dollars. The only people who can buy tickets at this lower price are fully enrolled students at the University.

How was Texas A&M's able to sell out their stadium when they have Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Petrino leading their football team?

Texas A&M had a very disappointing season last year. They started out ranked as a Top 25 team but had one of the worst offensive teams in the entire country. This forced them to miss a bowl game and they went into the offseason with lots of questions. The only reason that Jimbo Fisher was not fired last season was due to the fact that Texas A&M viewed his contract buyout as "too prohibitive".

Rather than fire Fisher due to his huge contract, A&M made him replace his offensive coordinator with Bobby Petrino. Pertino has been a successful offensive coach but comes with a lot of baggage. At his last Power Five head coaching spot, he had an inappropriate relationship with a staffer which he failed to disclose.

After coaching for five years at Louisville and Western Kentucky, he ended up leaving coaching in FBS as a whole following a 2-8 season with the Cardinals in 2018. He ended up at Missouri State over the next three years and then moved back to UNLV as their offensive coordinator last season.

Now, Fisher looks to solve the offense with Petrino as the new offensive coordinator. It has yet to be seen whether the Aggies' offense will excel or even be complimentary to the team's defense. No matter what happens this season, Texas A&M fans are certainly willing to watch Pertino's offense in action this season.

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