Texas A&M hit buzzer-beater 3-pointer to force overtime in Second Round against Houston

March Madness buzzer beater to force overtime? You love to see it.

Texas A&M v Houston
Texas A&M v Houston / Justin Ford/GettyImages

It looked as though Texas A&M's season may be over. But Andersson Garcia got an inbound, elevated off balance, and unleashed his shot. Despite the very high level of difficulty, it hit the bottom of the net, and the Aggies forced the Houston Cougars into overtime, 86-86 after regulation.

It took 48 points from the Aggies in the second half to cover the 43-38 deficit they entered the second half up against, but they battled back. Multiple opportunities presented in the final minutes that fell short more often than not for the Aggies, but it was Garcia's last prayerful shot that got the job done.

Electric call of Texas A&M buzzer beater is must-hear March

Spero Dedes was on the call for this one on TNT, and covered it masterfully:

"Looking, the bounce, Garcia! Oh, buddy! We are tied!" It was a tough inbounds pass, toward Garcia's feet that he needed to corral and put up to the sky with just 1.2 seconds on the clock.

Later, Dedes would say, "Andersson Garcia! Dream maker!" Instant nickname for the off-the-bench forward. He was the unlikeliest of players to attempt the shot, having attempted less than a 3-pointer per game throughout his career, and making just 0.2 per game. He's efficient on his infrequent tries beyond the arc, though, sinking 42.1 percent this year.

The Aggies were the ninth seed here, Houston a top seed in their division of the bracket. The Aggies were looking for an upset.

In overtime, Houston would ultimately prove the better team, winning 100-95. The Cougars advance to play the Duke Blue Devils (4) in the Sweet 16.