The 3 Most underpaid players on the Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians have some bargain players on the books.

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The Cleveland Guardians front office has always prided itself on its ability to create success by building players up within its organization and by utilizing the trade market rather than making big splashes in free agency. With that being said, they have been one of the lowest-spending teams since their World Series run in 2016, ranking fifth-lowest in ‘23 and ‘24. 

That is not to say they haven’t had any on-field success, as they won 92 games (and their division) in 2022 and 76 games in 2023, missing out on the playoffs due to a much more competitive American League, as well as injury problems and by trading away Amed Rosario, one of their key offensive contributors in 2022. 

There are reasons for Guardians fans to be optimistic about this team's future. 2023 was a solid year used to develop young stars, and Cleveland still has some big-time players playing as baseball as good as they’ve ever played. They also have three highlight-worthy players who are on really good contracts for the value they bring to the team. Ironically, arguably their most underpaid player is their highest-paid player, and possess the most expensive contract in team history.

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