Tigers: Eduardo Rodriguez injury could have major impact on free-agent decision

In his most recent start Sunday night vs the Los Angeles Dodgers, Eduardo Rodriguez suffered an unknown injury which could complicate his future with the Detroit Tigers, with an opt-out available.
Detroit Tigers v Tampa Bay Rays
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Eduardo Rodriguez started his first game against the Los Angeles Dodgers since declining to get traded to them at the deadline. He was only able to pitch three innings in which he gave up five earned runs and struggled before seemingly exiting the game with an undisclosed injury.

Rodriguez signed a five-year, $77 million contract with the Detroit Tigers after his long tenure with the Boston Red Sox. This signing included a 10-team no-trade clause and holds an opt-out after the 2023 season.

It seemed likely that Rodriguez would opt out after this season in an attempt to sign a larger contract. However, after this possible injury, it could mean he won't opt out, forcing the Detroit Tigers to pay him the remainder of the $49 million over the next three seasons.

Eduardo Rodriguez has been an injury-prone player. He has played eight years in MLB, but has only really played two full seasons and missed the whole 2020 season due to getting Covid.

What a possible contract for Tigers' Eduardo Rodriguez could look like

It was estimated by Spotrac that he would be able to sign a six-year, $126.5 million contract this offseason, but now it seems possible, depending on this injury, that he could decide to cash out with the Tigers instead of possibly risking it all.

In the first half of the season, Rodriguez looked very good. In 11 games, he had a record of 4-4 but thrived with an ERA of 2.13. But since returning, he has played in 12 games with a record of 7-4 and an ERA of 4.50.

With his injury history, it would be questionable for a team to sign him to the long-term contract he desires. However, it's ultimately up to him if he wants to opt out, but fans really are hoping he does.

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