Time to move on? Steelers fans blast Mike Tomlin for another playoff no-show

Mike Tomlin is a legend, but another lacking playoff performance has Steelers fans wondering how many more chances he'll get.
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin / Kirby Leei-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tomlin has been the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers for 17 years and never logged a losing season. That kind of high-level consistency is rare in the NFL. The idea of parting ways with the head coach should be unthinkable.

But after another rough playoff outing, some Steelers fans are not so sure.

Pittsburgh opened Monday's Wild Card game against the Bills by falling behind 21-0. Honestly, they were lucky it was only three touchdowns. It could have been far worse, that's how thoroughly outplayed Tomlin's team was.

Fans on Twitter let out their frustrations with calls for Tomlin to step away growing.

Steelers Twitter is tired of playoff no-shows from Mike Tomlin

This is the season of legendary Super Bowl-winning coaches saying tough goodbyes. Bill Belichick and the Patriots parted ways after a 4-13 season. The Seahawks moved on from Pete Carroll after they missed the playoffs.

Is Tomlin next? The Steelers have to at least consider their options given the recent string of playoff embarrassment.

It's more difficult to consider when Tomlin's team made the playoffs despite an uncertain quarterback situation. How do you let go of a coach who has never had a losing season in nearly 20 years?

Of course, all this talk is contingent on a comeback failing to materialize. The Bills jumped out to their 21-0 lead but Diontae Johnson caught a 10-yard touchdown pass from Mason Rudolph after a blocked field goal to cut into the deficit. A 21-7 halftime scoreline isn't pretty, but it also isn't insurmountable.

If the result in Buffalo holds, it may come down to Tomlin pulling the plug on his career in Pittsburgh. As painful as it is for fans to watch his teams get walloped in the playoffs, it's got to be even worse for the man in charge. He hasn't won a playoff game since 2016.

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