Tom Ricketts' comments on Cody Bellinger should infuriate Cubs fans

The Chicago Cubs negotiations with Cody Bellinger and Scott Boras have gone nowhere, per Tom Ricketts himself.

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs
Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs remain the presumptive favorites for free-agent outfielder Cody Bellinger, who remains one of the core Scott Boras clients unsigned as spring training opens around MLB.

Bellinger was reportedly seeking $200 million-plus at the beginning of the offseason. His current contract demands are unknown, though the Cubs don't seem interested in meeting him at his asking price. Cubs owner Tom Ricketts commented on the current status of the Bellinger negotiations and it's...not a great look.

“There’s been some discussions but it hasn’t become a negotiation yet," Ricketts said, per ESPN's Jesse Rogers.

Cubs fans wanted Bellinger in spring training yesterday, but that's simply not been the pace of free agency this winter. Boras and his clients are inclined waiting as long as humanly possible to sign, and they've earned that right. However, an argument can be made it'll hurt them in the short term.

Should Cubs fans be worried about Cody Bellinger negotiations?

While the Cubs haven't made much leeway in Cody Bellinger negotiations, until another suitor emerges they won't be inclined to meet him halfway. If anything, it's on Boras and his agency to lower Bellinger's demands, or else this process could very well play out well into spring training.

Chicago manager Craig Counsell is focused on the players currently in camp, including Christopher Morel, who Counsell views as a long-term option at third base. That could eliminate the Cubs need for an exterior option such as Matt Chapman.

Considering the Cubs spent so much money to bring Counsell in, it's surprising they haven't backed that up with a major offseason addition. At the very least, bringing back Bellinger seems more of a necessity than an option at this point in the offseason.

The fan perspective is an obvious one -- sign Bellinger at any cost. However, the front office is right to have concerns. Bellinger had an outstanding bounce-back season, but he's also a year removed from a prove-it deal based on his struggles with the Dodgers post-MVP campaign. Who's to say he won't regress?

One thing is certain, though: Bellinger's best chance at long-term success is in Chicago with a coaching staff he knows well. We'll see if the Cubs feel the same way.