Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl: Spice Adams dishes on potential celebration for winning coach

Notre Dame vs. Oregon State face off. Winner gets cereal?

Notre Dame v Stanford
Notre Dame v Stanford / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Oregon State Beavers will descend on El Paso and battle this week (Dec. 29) in the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

Needless to say, with a plethora of opt-outs and the Beavers' conference future hanging in the balance, a good deal of the focus will be on just how quirky the fanfare surrounding the game can get. Internet sensation Spice Adams is, of course, here to help.

The hilarious ex-Bear and Niner (and comedy sensation, responsible for misguided baller character Cream E. Biggums and many others) is well aware that bowl sponsorships these days don't just consist of a logo slapped on a jersey or a few ad breaks. It was revealed on Tuesday that there are dedicated spaces for two Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts atop the trophy that will be awarded to the winner of NC State and Kansas State's game. The winner of the Duke's Mayo Bowl is likely to be doused in something rather unpleasant, which might lead to UNC's Mack Brown throwing the game to enter the offseason dry.

So what energy will Adams be bringing to the Sun Bowl, thanks to his partnership with Kellogg's? He expects the festivities to be overrun with Notre Dame fans -- and he's used to it, living in Illinois and all. And, as he told Stacking The Box this week, he's open to ideas for a creative postgame celebration.

Spice Adams works with Kellogg's at Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl (Notre Dame vs. Oregon State)

"You know what? Everything's gonna be spontaneous," Adams confessed to FanSided. "Something calls for somebody to have some Frosted Flakes on them, let's do it, man. It's all us having fun."

Adams' primary objective at the game will be working with Mission Tiger, Kellogg's charitable arm that will be awarding $30,000 to El Paso's Eastwood Middle School in an effort to bolster local sports programs. The donation will fund uniforms and fitness equipment and will be advertised by Adams and Tony, who'll be "tossing the pigskin around" after the first quarter.

No word yet on whether that pigskin will be cracked open, revealed to be full of cereal milk and chugged, but a fan can dream. It would be tough to pull off a trick like that spontaneously but never underestimate Adams' charisma.

Which coach would handle being splashed by milk better? Recently promoted DC Trent Bray is just happy to be the head man in Corvallis, while Notre Dame's Marcus Freeman seems like he'd hold a grudge. With that in mind, we're rooting for the Beavs.

Spice Adams spoke with FanSided's Stacking the Box on behalf of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and Mission Tiger.