Travis Hunter sent to hospital after cheap shot from Colorado State DB

Two-way Colorado star Travis Hunter had to go to the hospital to be evaluated after a dirty hit by a Rams defensive back.
Colorado Buffaloes cornerback Travis Hunter
Colorado Buffaloes cornerback Travis Hunter / Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Hunter is one of the most exciting players in college football but fans didn't get to see much of him in the second half against Colorado State because of an apparent injury.

The two-way star exited the game and was sent to the hospital for "further evaluation," the team announced in the second half, per Kevin Lytle of the Coloradoan.

Hunter took a shot to the chest or midsection in the first half. Many considered the hit by safety Henry Blackburn to be a cheap shot as it came well after the whistle.

Hunter was in visible pain on the sideline after the hit but he returned to action on defense on the next drive.

The play resulted in two penalties on the defense. One for pass interference and one for the late hit. However, Blackburn was not punished further.

Travis Hunter injury update: Colorado DB-WR sent to hospital

The team didn't reveal what kind of injury Hunter needed further evaluation on.

While a concussion is always a possibility, the hit by Blackburn was not to the helmet and it didn't look like any part of Hunter's head was impacted.

It looked initially like Hunter had the wind knocked out of him. The trip to the hospital suggests he suffered something more significant than that. However, we won't know more until the team makes another announcement.

In any case, his night was ended with the Colorado trailing 21-14 in the second half.

Hunter had two catches for 21 yards on offense. He also lost a fumble that resulted in a touchdown for Colorado State.

Colorado will have to find a way to win without one of their key stars on both sides of the ball.

This article will be updated as more information is learned about Hunter's injury and prognosis.

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