Tyreek Hill stays relevant with another outlandish Chiefs claim

Tyreek Hill can't seem to stop thinking about the Chiefs.

2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
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The ultimate goal for all 32 NFL teams is clear: A Super Bowl win. While not all 32 teams necessarily expect they can compete for a title every year -- some teams are firmly in the rebuilding life-stage of franchise building -- each team has the ultimate goal of putting the right pieces in place to hoist a Lombardi Trophy in February.

The Kansas City Chiefs have, more often than not of late, done that. They've won three Super Bowl trophies in the last five years, winning the last two in particular. As a result, it's hard to argue much about who the league's best team is. It's the Chiefs, a large distance, and then the runners-up.

Tyreek Hill, curiously, doesn't believe that rather indisputable fact.

Tyreek Hill claims Dolphins were league's best team in 2024

Tyreek Hill recently joined Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder on the Pivot podcast. On his appearance, he made a rather bold claim, suggesting the Chiefs weren't the NFL's best team in 2024.

“Now I will say, we are -- the Dolphins is -- a better team than the Chiefs though... the better team don't always go to the Super Bowl that's all I got to say.".

Hill's claim was centered on the idea that the Chiefs had more experience in the playoffs and a more veteran roster and coaching staff. Basically: The Dolphins were more talented, but the Chiefs had been there before.

That claim may not be all that disagreeable. Top to bottom the Dolphins were viewed as one of the most talent-dense teams in the league, but this is peak revisionist history. Hill goes on to make the claim in the episode that if the Dolphins beat the Titans and Bills in the regular season, two games they, "should" have won, then it would be an entirely different outcome because Miami would have had a road playoff game against Kansas City.

Well... maybe? But Miami didn't win those games. That's not reality. Even so, Kansas City won two road playoff games to get to the Super Bowl. Why is Miami a more suggestible location for a playoff loss than Buffalo or Baltimore in the winter? I'm still taking Mahomes and the Chiefs on the road in Miami.

In all, it's a bold and wild claim, but one you kind of expect from superstar players who like the limelight as much as Hill. You don't get to where he's at in the game without a perhaps unrealistic amount of confidence.

As for his claim, it's wrong, but the Dolphins can prove that continuity and more experience makes them better in 2024.

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