The ultimate pond hockey road trip

One thing we've learned from the Winter Classic is there is nothing like outdoor hockey. We searched the map and created the ultimate pond hockey road trip to take you around North America.

Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic
Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic / Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages
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Second Stop: Keystone Lake
Keystone, Colorado, U.S.A.

Traveling about 19 hours south and over the U.S.-Canada border will get you to Colorado, the most famous home of the Rocky Mountains. Keystone, Colorado is most famous for its skiing, a destination for thousands of people every year. However, Keystone Lake is home to the 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament.

This is a destination for the whole family. The village is built for tourism, and the ice skating needs no reservations to join. Everyone can walk up and rent skates for the entire season. Plus, with those same mountain views, everyone in the family can make all your friends jealous with those beautiful social media pictures.

Now, for the hockey, Keystone Lake provides a lot of what the others will on this list. A view of the Rocky Mountains makes the pond hockey incredible. Don't get distracted by the views during play, but maybe take a look before the faceoff.

The 9280 Tournament has divisions for all ages. See the kids take part in their own games while the adults look to secure their own tournament every January. This is the largest Zamboni-maintained outdoor skating rink in North America. Since the ice is treated regularly, this creates a better ice sheet and a better experience for the players. The tournament website guarantees "five acres of the smoothest, fastest, rock hard, black ice around." Just be careful. There are still four more stops to go.