Urban Meyer throw shade at Kyle McCord for potentially leaving Ohio State

Urban Meyer is just as perplexed as us as to why Kyle McCord is contemplating leaving Ohio State.

Kyle McCord, Ohio State Buckeyes
Kyle McCord, Ohio State Buckeyes / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

When Kyle McCord entered the transfer portal earlier this month, that was certainly an eyebrow raiser across the college football world. McCord has spent the last few years in Columbus, but it was his time to shine as the Ohio State Buckeyes' starting quarterback. While he did play well at times last season, he was constantly under fire by college football fans everywhere, especially from his fanbase.

I thought McCord would return to Columbus for a fourth year, given that he was clearly the team's undisputed starting quarterback. Then again, we are not in the building. Although he used to be, Urban Meyer does not work for The Ohio State University anymore either. While he did try to be empathetic in trying to understand why McCord is hitting the portal, his comments feel like a dig.

Here is what he said about McCord's shocking decision to hit the transfer portal this offseason.

"That made no sense. I’m still trying to comprehend it. I tried to take a position of Kyle or even Ohio State, and it just doesn’t compute."

Meyer may be right that it would be hard for McCord to top Ohio State, but he is not his coach...

"I’m trying to make it compute because I want to be empathetic and I want to say, ‘OK, I understand.’ There’s no place better for Kyle than Ohio State. That place does not exist, unless he’s being guaranteed a starting spot."

If Meyer is inadvertently digging at McCord, it may be about his perceived unwillingness to compete.

"But, once again, I don’t agree with that’s the best place. I think iron sharpens iron, steel sharpens steel. The best thing that anybody can ever do is go and compete your tail off, get better and maximize who you are as a player."

Once again, Meyer is clearly removed from the Ohio State program and what all is going on now.

"I’m not ripping Kyle at all, because I don’t know him. I admire him, and I think he was in a tough situation all year. But, yeah, I didn’t dig in too hard because I don’t want to. But it does not compute with me. I guess I love Ohio State, and I think competition brings out the best in you. If he goes to a better place than Ohio State, I’ll be the first one to say he went to a better place. I just don’t know."

There may only be one person who can explain McCord's decision to transfer away from Ohio State besides McCord himself, of course. That would be Meyer's Ohio State successor in one Ryan Day.

Urban Meyer is perplexed as to why Kyle McCord even wants to transfer

If you read between the lines, McCord potentially transferring out of Ohio State feels like Day wants to recruit behind him, if not in front of him. With so many great quarterbacks entering or about to enter the transfer portal, one would think an upgrade to the most important position on the field could get the Buckeyes back towards the top of the expanded Big Ten. Simply, McCord has to go.

It is really crummy, but this is pretty much professional sports at this point. We have seen so many NFL organizations draft a promising prospect, sign a guy in free agency or trade for a quarterback they think is an upgrade over their current guy. It has happens so often that we rarely think much about it. This is new for college football, a game that Meyer knows well, but not the professional one.

Admittedly, it still feels really strange that McCord would optically abdicate the Buckeyes' quarterbacking throne this willingly, after spending the two previous years just hoping to get its chance. Then again, there are few jobs with as much pressure as the one at Ohio State, and few head coaches who as much as Day does feel as much heat. He cannot lose again to Michigan next season.

We don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but that could explain why McCord may transfer.

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