Victor Wembanyama already recruiting players to Spurs without trying

Victor Wembanyama took the NBA world by storm in his otherwordly rookie season performance and is already recruiting players to join him and the San Antonio Spurs without even trying.
San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies
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After putting the rest of the NBA on notice in his rookie season, it is only a matter of time before players start flocking to the San Antonio Spurs to join phenom Victor Wembanyama, and it could start happening as soon as next season.

Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer interviewed Wembanyama on Monday to evaluate his historic performance throughout his augural campaign in a vacuum, with the latter revealing that some members of the Association have already expressed interest in playing alongside him in San Antonio.

Victor Wembanyama has turned the Spurs into a marquee destination

"Yeah, I've received some messages," Wemby told O'Connor. "Even from prospects. But I try to sustain my role. It's a whole new world that I'm eager to discover," he added.

While his comments suggest he is trying to stay in his lane as a 20-year-old who just wrapped up what fans hope will be the first year of a long and decorated career, Wembanyama understands the gravitational pull he possesses, knowing he will eventually need to play the recruiting game. "For sure, one day or the other, I'll have to be involved in this, I guess, even though I'm staying in my role as a player," he said.

But that doesn't stop players from wanting to team up with Wembanyama as soon as this offseason. The Spurs have the salary flexibility and draft capital to make it happen at an accelerated pace, especially considering they have all of their first-round picks through 2030, plus additional selections from the Toronto Raptors (top-six protected) and Charlotte Hornets (top-14 protected) this season as well as two unprotected first-rounders (2025 and 2027) and a 2026 first-round pick swap from the Atlanta Hawks at their disposal as part of various trades they have made in recent years.

Wembanyama lived up to the hype and lofty expectations that everyone set for him ahead of his first year as a pro and then some, looking every bit the part of a transformational franchise cornerstone, especially after the All-Star Break. He averaged 23.5 points, 12.0 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 1.5 steals, and an eye-opening 4.5 blocks per game across 22 contests from that point on.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Wembanyama feels he is only scratching the surface of the height of his powers based on what he told the French media, per Theo Quintard of Le Monde. "I would say that I am currently at 15 percent between my first NBA game and what I hope will be my prime," he communicated, which is a scary sight for the rest of the league if his efforts as a rookie are only a fraction of his capabilities.