Vikings are counting on another team for Sam Darnold to reach his full potential

The Minnesota Vikings hoped somebody else groomed the quarterback they are bringing in.

Sam Darnold, San Francisco 49ers
Sam Darnold, San Francisco 49ers / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

On the latest episode of why bringing in Sam Darnold to be the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback was a horrible idea, get a load of this nonsense. While I understand temporarily downgrading from Kirk Cousins to Darnold with the hope of drafting a new franchise quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft, what exactly has Darnold done at any point to be an NFL starter?

Mike Jones of The Athletic wrote that the Vikings are taking a huge gamble on Darnold, simply because they believe he got better as a quarterback by being around Kyle Shanahan. Proximity to greatness does not equal greatness. I'm sure he really learned how to sharpen his No. 2 pencils with great precision and accuracy over in Santa Clara, but that is absolutely worthless on the gridiron.

Shanahan may be seen as a quarterback whisperer, but Darnold may think he's just another ghost.

"Team officials are hoping that a season under the tutelage of Kyle Shanahan as San Francisco's backup helps Darnold finally live up to his potential as the third pick of the 2018 draft, but it's a gamble."

Of all the quarterbacks drafted in the first round over the last decade, I have been the most wrong about Darnold. I thought he was fail-proof. Instead, he failed his way upwards to yet another starting job. Why do you think the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers all moved on from him? Hoping he learned something from under Shanahan comes across as pure desperation.

The best thing for the Vikings is for their rookie quarterback to blow Darnold out of the water in camp.

Minnesota Vikings hope Sam Darnold learned from under Kyle Shanahan

For Atlanta Braves/Fredi Gonzalez reasons, I will never buy into a guy learning from another guy by simply being next to him out of the field of play. Theory is great and all, but I am a man of action. Learning by doing is the best form of experience. Going out there and making something happen in an environment full of risk is the best option. It is another reason why I cannot get behind Darnold.

His first NFL pass was completely across his body in one of the worst throws I have ever seen. It was so very Brett Favre-ian of him. I was out on Darnold immediately. For him to come in and replace a guy defined by his accuracy, we have now arrived at the other end of the spectrum. Yes, Shanahan may have shown him the ropes a bit, but Darnold will not be playing with the same players in Minnesota.

To assume somebody else trained your quarterback will make an ass out of you and me. No, Darnold is not an atrociously bad quarterback, but he is a bottom-quarter starter in the league. That is a great way to have a sub-.500 record, and perhaps a pathway for Zygi Wilf to move on from Kevin O'Connell at the end of the year. Either way, general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah won't be held accountable.

For obvious reasons, I can't wait to see the Vikings draft either Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy in a bit.

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