Vikings future draft picks after trades make it clear how all in they are

The Minnesota Vikings are betting on the present at the expense of their future — at least in terms of NFL draft picks.
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The Minnesota Vikings addressed pressing needs on offense and defense in the first round of this year's draft with two marquee names: Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy and Alabama edge rusher Dallas Turner.

Entering the 2024 NFL Draft, the Vikings stockpiled enough ammunition to move around the board, and some media members even speculated that Minnesota could trade star wide receiver Justin Jefferson to move up to No. 2 overall.

The Vikings entered the 2025 NFL Draft with two first-round picks. The night began with the Vikings wielding the No. 11 pick overall pick and the No. 23 overall pick, which the Vikings acquired from the Houston Texans earlier this offseason. On two separate occasions, Minnesota made draft night trades to climb the board in the first round. While it didn't cost them Jefferson, they did mortgage their future on their current picks.

Minnesota Vikings left with just three picks in 2025 NFL Draft

First, the Vikings traded their No. 11 overall pick to the New York Jets in exchange for the No. 10 overall pick, which they used to select McCarthy. Then, Minnesota acquired the No. 17 pick from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for the No. 23 overall pick, a 2024 fifth-round pick (No. 167), a 2025 third-round pick, and a 2025 fourth-round pick. They used the No. 17 overall pick to select Turner.

Predictably, Minnesota's wheeling and dealing was costly, and it doesn't leave the Vikings with much draft capital heading into next year's draft. As of now, the Vikings will only have three picks on the board next year.

Here's how the Vikings slowly dwindled away their 2025 NFL Draft picks, with only their first- and fifth-round picks in their possession:

  • Round 1 pick (still in possession)
  • Round 2 pick (sent to Houston Texans in deal to acquire #23 in this year’s draft)
  • Round 3 pick (sent to Jacksonville Jaguars in Dallas Turner trade)
  • Round 4 pick (sent to Jacksonville Jaguars in Dallas Turner trade)
  • Round 5 pick (still in possession)
  • Round 5 pick (still in possession, acquired from Cleveland Browns in Za’Darius Smith trade)
  • Round 6 pick (sent to Cleveland Browns in Za’Darius Smith trade)
  • Round 7 pick (sent to Cleveland Browns in Za’Darius Smith trade)

In the Texans trade, the Vikings sent away a 2025 second-round pick in addition to a second-round and a sixth-round pick this year. The Vikings sent away their 2025 third- and 2025 fourth-round picks for next year in their trade with the Jaguars. And the Vikings previously sent away their sixth-round and seventh-round picks next year to the Cleveland Browns when trading Za'Darius Smith.

If the Vikings' 2024 draft picks don't work out, they'll have nothing to rebuild the team with next year. The Denver Broncos are struggling with a similar situation right now after their disastrous trade for Russell Wilson.

There is a possibility that the Vikings could receive some compensation from the Atlanta Falcons for tampering with Kirk Cousins. After losing Cousins and defensive pass rusher Danielle Hunter this offseason, the Vikings will also likely pick up a third-round compensatory pick in 2025.

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