Watch: Kansas State players devour Pop-Tarts Bowl edible mascot

After winning a bowl game behind a freshman QB, Kansas State ate an edible Pop-Tart mascot.

Pop-Tarts Bowl - NC State v Kansas State
Pop-Tarts Bowl - NC State v Kansas State / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

After beating NC State, 28-19, in the Pop-Tarts bowl, Kansas State decided to have the most delicious treat in all of college football.

The Wildcats took pleasure in eating a giant Pop-Tart which was meant to resemble the mascot that was around the stadium for the entire game.

The Pop-Tart started the game by coming out of a giant toaster to the delight of everyone in attendance. Rather than shower winning coach Chris Klieman in Gatorade, the Wildcats showered the coach with tons of Pop-Tarts bites. Based on the photos taken by the Pop-Tarts social media team, it seemed like a fun time for all involved.

Kansas State won this game behind freshman Avery Johnson, who won the Pop-Tart MVP. In what was the biggest moment of his young college career so far, the QB ended up throwing for 249 yards and three touchdowns. The QB had a lot of help from his running back, DJ Giddens. Giddens was able to go for 151 yards on 28 carries with one touchdown in the victory.

Since this PR stunt was out of the ordinary, it's worth questioning whether the Kansas State enjoyed eating the Pop-Tart after the game.

Did the Wildcats have a fun time eating the Pop-Tarts Bowl mascot?

It's hard to exactly know what every member of the team was thinking when the Pop-Tart was being cooked/swapped for one that was edible. It seemed like the team was having fun as no-context college football caught the players enjoying the pastry.

For all involved, it was a great way to end a season. While Kansas State fell short of their ultimate goal of winning their conference this season, the team was still able to go out on top and end up eating a delicious Pop-Tart.

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