WATCH: Mexico soccer fans throw beer at USMNT after electric Gio Reyna goal

USMNT was just trying to celebrate, but got showered with beer instead.

Mexico v United States: Final - Concacaf Nations League
Mexico v United States: Final - Concacaf Nations League / John Dorton/ISI Photos/USSF/GettyImages

After Tyler Adams hit a sniper shot just before the first half whistle, Gio Reyna tacked on another for the US Men's National Team before the clock hit 65 minutes in the Concacaf National League final.

Reyna and his teammates went over to the deep corner to celebrate, and as they congregated, were showered with beer and other trash thrown from Mexico team fans in that corner.

Team coach Gregg Berhalter was also with the team celebrating.

Earlier in the night, USMNT captain Christian Pulisic had beer thrown at him before the game even kicked off according to reporters.

Gio Reyna and USMNT showered with beer thrown from stands at Concacaf National League Finals

The actions from fans was largely seen as disgraceful, but not necessarily unexpected. National sporting events tend to evoke a deep sense of pride, heritage, passion, and ultimately at times poor judgment. After Mexico made it so far in this tournament, seeing their squad go down 2-0 clearly got under the collective skin of supporters of the Mexico side.

Later in the match, multiple public address announcements warned Mexico team fans to stop using a homophobic slur. The game was temporarily stopped as per the discriminatory language policy.

For domestic fans of American pro sports, this type of behavior might come across as foreign, and wonder why it was hardly mentioned on the broadcast or given much attention. American pro sports fans who act in similar ways have gotten lifetime bans.

For one, the broadcast likely doesn't want to give the actions a platform. Secondly, while throwing food and drinks constitutes an obvious ejection and discipline for the fan in American pro sports, it's been countered in other ways in other countries. Soccer and hooliganism have long been intertwined, and leagues like the English Premier League have simply banned alcohol from anywhere that there is a view of the pitch rather than trying to discipline every fan.

That no alcohol rule has come into question, but the fans at the Mexico-USA game reminded exactly why the rule exists in the first place. It prevents these things from happening.

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