Watch One Shining Moment 2024: UConn crowned champions

One Shining Moment has become the ballad of college basketball. You can watch it here.
NCAA Men's Final Four - Championship
NCAA Men's Final Four - Championship / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Basketball is poetry in motion.

Fans gather together for the distinct hardwood symphony: the rhythmic dribble of the ball, the squeaking sneakers on a polished court, the soft swish of the net, and the sharp screech of a referee's whistle. The tapestry of sounds is bookended by a crescendo of cheers at tip-off and an unforgiving buzzer at the end. Sometimes, if the crowd is lucky, there are a few extra milliseconds of palpable silence when a last-second shot hangs in the air after the buzzer, followed by a cold thud or a sweet swish.

That's the poetry that David Barrett saw in the game of basketball. It's what he saw while watching Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics in an empty tavern in 1986. He tried to explain the poetry of basketball to an attractive waitress, but she got up and left.

Although the waitress wasn't interested in Barrett's love affair with basketball, millions of others were. After she left, Barrett scribbled the following words on a napkin: One Shining Moment.

2024 NCAA Tournament's "One Shining Moment"

"One Shining Moment" has become the ballad of collegiate basketball. The song has been played during a three-minute highlight reel at the end of the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. It is aired following the trophy celebration that marks the end of the college basketball season every season.

UConn beat Purdue 75-60 in the national championship game on Monday. UConn bulldozed their competition throughout the tournament and became the first back-to-back NCAA champions since 2007. UConn, of course, is deservedly featured heavily in the montage.

The montage features all 67 games from March Madness, capturing the national champions, the unexpected stars, and the magical moments that make March Madness so captivating.

This year, "One Shining Moment" features UConn, the national champions; D.J. Burns, the unexpected North Carolina State star; and magical moments like K.J. Simpson's game-winner against No. 7 Florida.