Watch: Taylor Swift effect undeniable in heartwarming Chiefs fan celebration

Taylor Swift at the Chiefs Super Bowl win
Taylor Swift at the Chiefs Super Bowl win / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Swift is good for football.

She may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some may not have been all that interested in seeing her react to Travis Kelce's plays during the Super Bowl. But those reaction shots aren't for those people. They're for the millions of Swifties who are being introduced to the world of football.

There's a whole demographic of potential new football fans who suddenly have an entry point into the sport....and a new way to connect with the football fans in their lives.

We've got the perfect, heartwarming example of the Taylor Swift Effect for you. It comes in the form of a family of Chiefs fans who celebrated a Kansas City Super Bowl victory two years in a row, just in very different ways.

The first video is from 2023. Two male Chiefs fans celebrate the victory in Super Bowl 57 alone. It's endearing and it's lovely. But it gets so much better.

Because the second video is from this year as those same Chiefs fans celebrate the same outcome, but this time they're surrounded by young kids, many of them girls in Taylor Swift Chiefs jerseys.

The Taylor Swift Effect is real and it's great for the NFLand its fans

As a woman whose relationship with her father and brothers only strengthened because I fell in love with sports at a young age, those celebrations are immensely moving. We don't know if any of those girls will keep following football after Swiftmania has calmed down. But they might. And that's a beautiful thing for that family...and the NFL.

Super Bowl 58 was the most-watched telecast in history, per Variety. The CBS broadcast had a record 112 million viewers while the combination of CBS, Paramount+, Nickelodeon, Univision, CBS Sports and NFL+ broadcasts totaled a whopping 123.4 million viewers.

The Chiefs are already a big draw while the 49ers hail from a major media market, but a chunk of those viewers were no doubt tuning in because of the Swift Effect.

Chiefs fans celebrate Super Bowl with Taylor Swift sing-a-long. dark. It's A Love Story. Chiefs fans celebrate Super Bowl win with Taylor Swift sing-a-long