What are overtime rules in the Super Bowl?

We have OT in the Super Bowl. What are the overtime rules for Super Bowl 58?

Patrick Mahomes
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The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are going into overtime in the Super Bowl. It is only the second OT Super Bowl ever. Now, to quote the lead official, we are starting a new game.

An exciting game has led up to this moment, with the Chiefs and Niners trading blows throughout the fourth quarter. Mistakes, controversies, beer chugs — this Super Bowl has it all.

So, how does this all work exactly? Let's check the rule book.

What are overtime rules in the Super Bowl?

It's fairly simple. The rules essentially follow the regular season OT rules.

It starts with a coin toss. The winner gets to choose — receive or defer.

No longer sudden death, the Super Bowl OT will feature at least one possession for both teams (unless the first possession ends in a defensive touchdown). If the first possession results in a score, the next team gets a chance to tie or take the lead. If that attempts fails, the game is over. If the first team punts or turns the ball over, next score wins.

Each team gets three timeouts. Zero challenges are afforded, however, as all replays go to the booth. It is, truly, a new game.

Here's a helpful summation from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The Niners won toss and took the ball. And now the fun truly begins. What a special way for the Super Bowl to end.