When is EA College Football 25 coming out? Release date leaked

Michigan celebrates national championship
Michigan celebrates national championship / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

The countdown to the release of EA College Football 25 can (unofficially) begin.

The long-awaited reboot of the beloved college football video game was officially announced by EA earlier this year with a teaser trailer, but no drop date was given.

Word on the street was that July was the target month. Now we have a target date.

College Football 25 release date is rumored to be July 19, 2024

The targeted release date for College Football 25 is Friday, July 19, according to David Hookstead of Outkick.

The official Wikipedia page for the game was updated on April 2 to reflect the July 19 release date. Anyone can edit a wiki but this has some weight behind it. Hookstead confirmed with a PlayStation rep that the date is legitimate, though delays are still possible.

July 19 is a Friday, which is unusual as a release date for a video game. Most come out on Tuesdays. So take that potential adjustment into account before booking your PTO for the week of the game's release. If it turned out to be released the Tuesday before or after July 19 it wouldn't be a surprise.

All 134 FBS programs will feature in the game while more than 10,000 players have opted in to be in the game. Familiar broadcasters like Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and others will also be included.

This has been a long time coming. The last college football video game was NCAA Football 14, which was released in 2013 (yes, sports video game numbering conventions are silly).

EA shut down the series because of lawsuits and complications related to name, image and likeness issues. Players were included in the game (with altered names but exacting details) without being paid for the appearance.

Now that the NCAA opened the floodgates on players earning money through NIL, the video game was brought back with players able to opt in for a flat $600 payment and a copy of the game.