Which Chiefs from Super Bowl dynasty run are Pro Football Hall of Fame candidates?

When teams go on dynastic runs, many of their players end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Kansas City Chiefs will see their fair share of stars from the past few teams eventually inducted in Canton.

Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones
Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Historically, great teams that put together dynastic runs with multiple Super Bowls within a short period are loaded with eventual Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who have been to four of the last five Super Bowls, and have won three, will have a number of their stars don the golden jacket at some point.

Eight Chiefs players from Super Bowl 4 are in the Hall of Fame, plus the head coach and owner. Ten Steelers from the seventies are in, plus the head coach and owner. This pattern continues through the decades.

Times are different now, however. Often times, players, even good ones, rotate off the roster after their four-year rookie contracts expire. On Super Bowl teams, those good players will generally draw plenty of attention on the open market, and championship franchises have to make make key decisions on what cornerstone players they can afford to re-sign.

This is why dynasties in the twenty-first century don't emerge very often, or last very long. Roster turnover is too great. Only a handful of Chiefs from Super 54 played for the team in Super Bowl 58.

Still, there are players who played in a least two of the four Super Bowls for the Chiefs that may be Canton-bound. Some are no-brainers, some will need to continue playing or coaching at a high level, either in Kansas City or elsewhere.

Kansas City Chiefs who might make it into the Hall of Fame

Steve Spanuolo, Chiefs defensive coordinator

Coordinators seldom make it to the Hall of Fame but Spaguolo has been in charge of four Super Bowl-winning defenses, including three with the Chiefs. No coordinator has more Super Bowl rings. His other ring came when his New York Giants upended the undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl 42.

The Chiefs made the unlikely transition in 2023 from an offensively-dominated team to one where the defense often carried the team. In fact, over the 21 games Kansas City played during the regular season and the playoffs, their defense didn't allow more than 27 points.

Spags isn't going anywhere because the Chiefs signed him to an extension, so he is going to have even more opportunity to add to his already impressive resume.

Chiefs fans can hope to see his bust in Canton someday and it will be well-deserved.