3 candidates for the Chicago White Sox’s GM opening

The Chicago White Sox fired general manager Rich Hahn on Tuesday. Who could they find to replace him and usher in a new era?
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1. Brian Sabean

This is a bit out of left field, but White Sox team owner Jerry Reinsdorf has shown that he isn’t afraid to do the unconventional (see: hiring Tony La Russa as manager).

GiantsReinsdorf, 87, could prefer to hire a candidate with previous general manager experience. If he does, there aren’t many better candidates than Sabean, who was the architect of the San Francisco Giants’ championship teams in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Sabean, 67, is now working in the New York Yankees’ front office as an executive advisor to the general manager and could be open to running a franchise once again.

It’s unknown if Reinsdorf and Sabean have any sort of working relationship, but considering both have been in baseball for so long, it’s likely that they have at least spoken. A Sabean-to-White Sox scenario should be put in the “highly unlikely” category, but with Reinsdorf and the White Sox, you truly can’t count anything out.

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