Who has the most triple-doubles in NBA history?

Every night it seems a few players are chasing a triple-double, but who has the most all-time? (And a few more triple-double facts.)

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The 2023-24 NBA season has already seen 10 triple-doubles, with Nikola Jokic securing four and Luka Doncic netting two. With Jokic already in pole position to extend his run atop the triple-double leaderboard for a third consecutive season, these are a few triple-double records you might want to know. 

Who is the NBA all-time triple-double leader?

The all-time NBA leader in regular-season triple-doubles is Russell Westbrook with 198. Westbrook recorded a staggering 101 triple-doubles over a three-season span (2016-17 to 2018-19) and looks positioned to be the first player in history to hit 200 career regular-season triple-doubles. His 210 combined regular season and postseason triple-doubles are also the record, and he is the only player to have eclipsed 200. 

Who has the NBA single-season triple-double record?

Russell Westbrook also owns the single-season triple-double record of 42, set in 2016-17. That season, he became the first player since Oscar Robertson in 1961-62 to average a triple-double over a full season and secured the league MVP. The previous record of 41 was set by Robertson in his historic 1961-62 season. 

Who is the NBA all-time playoff triple-double leader?

Magic Johnson has the all-time playoff triple-double record of 30. LeBron James sits in second with 28 and has a realistic chance of matching and surpassing Johnson’s record. Nikola Jokic has 16, already third all-time, and could one day call the record his own.

Who recorded the first triple double in NBA history?

The first triple-double was recorded on Dec. 14, 1950, by Andy Phillips for the Philadelphia Warriors. Phillips would lead the league twice in triple-doubles, but it’s unlikely he was actually the first player to secure a triple-double. The NBA/BAA didn’t start recording rebounds until the 1950-51 season, just points and assists, a hilarious decision considering the league average field goal percentage was sub-35 percent, meaning the game of basketball was one long rebounding drill. 

Who has the most consecutive seasons leading the NBA in triple-doubles?

Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson have both led the league in triple doubles for an NBA record six consecutive seasons. Robertson did it from 1960-61 to 1965-66, and Johnson paced the league from 1979-80 to 1984-85. Those would be the only seasons Robertson led the league in triple doubles, while Johnson would tally four more seasons atop the leaderboard before his career was cut short. 

Who has the most seasons leading the NBA in triple-doubles?

Jason Kidd holds the NBA record for most seasons leading the league in triple-doubles with 11. He twice had five consecutive seasons leading the league, although he did share the top spot twice. He first led the league in 1994-95, and his final league-leading season came in 2007-08. The gap between his first and last league-leading triple-double seasons is the largest in NBA history. 

Who had the fewest triple-doubles to lead the NBA in a season?

The fewest triple-doubles to lead the league are two and has happened on three separate occasions. The first was in 1953-54, Bob Cousy, the next was in 1977-78, Dave Cowens and Bill Walton, and the final time was 1991-92 when Michael Jordan, Gary Payton, Scottie Pippen, and David Robinson tied atop the leaderboard. All seven players are Hall of Famers, and only Payton and Pippen failed to win MVPs. 

What was the fewest triple-doubles in an NBA season?

The fewest triple-doubles came in the 1953-54 season when the league produced three total. However, the NBA was a different place back then. There was a total of eight teams, none playing in cities completely west of the Mississippi River, and the season was only 72 games.

Who has the best win percentage in triple-double games?

Of the 10 players to record at least 50 career triple-doubles, the best win percentage in those games is Wilt Chamberlain’s 88.5 percent. The lowest is Luka Doncic's 70.7 percent. As a group, they produced 1,109 triple-doubles, winning 850 of those games, good for a 76.6 percent win percentage and a 63-win pace. 

Who has the most triple-doubles with 10 blocks?

Dikembe Mutombo and Hakeem Olajuwon both have 10 triple-doubles recorded with 10 or more blocks, and David Robinson is third with nine. The most any active player has is one. Blocks weren’t recorded until 1973-74, so there’s a real chance players like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain are the real leaders.  

Who has the most triple-doubles with 10 steals?

Clyde Drexler has the NBA record for triple-doubles with 10 steals at two. The feat has only been accomplished 11 total times by 10 different players. Part of that is because steals weren’t recorded until 1973-74, but there have only been 24 games with 10 steals in that span, making it one of the rarest feats. 

Who had the most improbable triple-double in NBA history?

The most improbable triple-double was Draymond Green’s on Feb. 10, 2017, against the Memphis Grizzlies. Not only did Green need to record 10 steals to secure his triple-double, but he is also the only player in NBA history to earn a triple-double without reaching 10 points. In 37:44 minutes, Green swiped 10 steals, dished 10 assists, and grabbed 11 rebounds to go along with four points and five blocks. 

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