Who needs a winning record? Not Deion Sanders, SI's 2023 Sportsperson of the Year

Despite not achieving a winning record or reach a bowl game, Deion Sanders was named the 2023 SI sportsperson of the year.

Colorado v Utah
Colorado v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

As noted by Adam Schefter, Deion Sanders is in-line to be named Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year for 2023.

The college football coach was unable to get the Colorado Buffaloes to a winning record this season as injuries and a top-heavy team forced some position groups to struggle. Specifically, the poor offensive line and parts of the defense were the reason that the Buffaloes were unable to reach a bowl game or a winning record this season.

Despite the losing record, Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter were both some of the best players in college football when they were healthy. Even though the program drew a lot of attention this season, the losing record and lack of bowl games will force people to question why the coach gets the nod for the award. Yes, he was turning around a program that won just one game last season, but it's obvious that the story was written on Colorado in early November.

Did Deion Sanders deserve this nod by Sports Illustrated?

To be quite honest, Deion Sanders didn't deserve to receive this award. While the coach is turning the once-great Colorado program around, there is plenty of work left to be done. Yes, the general mood around Buffaloes' name has changed, but a large work of recruiting still awaits Sanders this offseason.

Of course, if you are saying that the reason he won is that he was the biggest name in sports this season, then there is a bigger argument for him to win the award. Sanders drew plenty of attention making Colorado a main attraction during the 2023 season. A lot of celebrities who may not even have enjoyed football or college athletics went to support Sanders' program in person.

Despite recent recruiting woes, it seems like the Buffaloes will be able to recruit extremely well in the next couple of months. Next season, Colorado could be looking to win 8-to-9+ games in the regular season. If he is able to win 10+ games post bowl game next season, then this nod might seem a lot more reasonable.

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