Why are there no NBA games today — Apr. 8, 2024?

Why there are no NBA games on Monday, April 8, 2024.
Jan 16, 2024; Inglewood, California, USA; A NBA official Wilson game ball with the 2026 NBA All-Star
Jan 16, 2024; Inglewood, California, USA; A NBA official Wilson game ball with the 2026 NBA All-Star / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

From October through a large portion of June, we see NBA games played just about every night. Yes, there are exceptions like Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and Election Day, but for the most part, there's at least one game on for NBA fans to enjoy.

With that being said, there are always exceptions, and today, Monday, April 8, is a prime example.

There is no major holiday taking place, yet there is no NBA game. As annoying as that is, there is a clear explanation.

There are no NBA games on Monday, April 8 because of March Madness

The reason why there are no NBA games today is quite simple. Tonight, Monday, April 8, is the night of college basketball's National Championship Game. The winner of the game featuring the Purdue Boilermakers and UConn Huskies will determine who takes home the national title as the winner of the NCAA Tournament.

It's unfortunate considering the NBA regular season is nearing its end, but it makes perfect sense. Most basketball fans would choose to watch a game as important as the national championship over just one of 82 NBA games with little meaning.

What makes this even easier is that we already know just about every team that will at the very least make a Play-In appearance. With only seeding to play for, there's little reason to prioritize a meaningless NBA game. Ratings matter, and not playing games today proves that.

While there are no NBA games being played on Monday, there is a full slate on Tuesday with 14 games scheduled to take place. That means 28 of the 30 teams will be playing. The night wraps up with a pair of very exciting matchups with the Warriors facing the Lakers and the Clippers in Phoenix taking on the Suns.

Fortunately, with the playoffs approaching, there won't be many more days without NBA basketball.

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