Will Howard transfer rumors: Former K-State star down to two schools

Will Howard seems to have it narrowed down to two teams. Where is he going to transfer to?

Will Howard, Kansas State Wildcats
Will Howard, Kansas State Wildcats / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages

Will Howard should be picking his next college football team here soon. The former Kansas State Wildcats starter entered the portal a few weeks ago, but has remained uncommitted throughout most of the holiday season. While he had great success quarterbacking at K-State, his supremely talented backup Avery Johnson loomed large. Fortunately for Howard, he has plenty of options.

According to On3's Pete Nakos, there are three potential outcomes for Howard at this point in the offseason. He could either transfer to Ohio State, transfer to USC or declare for the NFL Draft. Howard has taken visits to USC and Miami, but it no longer seems like the Hurricanes are a viable option for him. The most interesting thing here is Howard potentially entering the draft this offseason.

Howard may have a ton of upside as an NFL prospect, but he was never going to be a top-six quarterback taken in this upcoming draft. He could conceivably be a first-round pick in 2025 if he knocks it out of the park at either Ohio State or USC, but the NFL being a strong possibility for him remains incredibly intriguing. Simply put, Howard is either playing in the Big Ten or will be turning pro.

Let's discuss all three potential outcomes for Howard and what makes the most sense for him.

Will Howard transfer rumors: K-State QB narrowed down to two teams

While Howard could have conceivably followed his former K-State offensive coordinator Collin Klein to Texas A&M, it seems as though he would rather play for either Ryan Day in Columbus or Lincoln Riley in Los Angeles over playing for Mike Elko in College Station. To me, Howard's skill set translates very well to the style of ball being played in the Big Ten. He could help Ohio State or USC out a bunch.

I have long liked seeing Howard going to Ohio State because he would be a step up from what the Buckeyes had previously in Kyle McCord, who just transferred to Syracuse. Howard may not be as good as what C.J. Stroud, Justin Fields and the late Dwayne Haskins were before him, but he could certainly bridge the gap to help get the Buckeyes back into the expanded College Football Playoff.

As far as USC is concerned, he could be the type of quarterback Riley needs to effectively transition to the Big Ten. He needs to add quarterbacks who can thrive in more pro-style offenses. The longer Riley remains steadfast to Air Raid principles, the worse the Big Ten transition will be for the Trojans. Howard would be a huge get for USC, but I think he can have better teams success with Ohio State.

Of course, Howard could just turn pro. If he does that, then Ohio State and USC will be scrambling.

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