Yankees make the first mind-numbing roster decision of the season in record time

The New York Yankees are doing most things right so far, but they made a move with one player that has fans scratching their heads.

New York Yankees v Houston Astros
New York Yankees v Houston Astros / New York Yankees/GettyImages

The New York Yankees have started the season 2-0 against their league rivals, the Houston Astros. Somehow, Houston always seems to get in the way of Yankees aspirations, but the first two games of the season have New York fans thinking this year will finally be different.

Better yet, both Yankees wins were come-from-behind wins. In years past, it has felt like the Yankees needed to get out to early and sizable leads to secure wins. The team ranked 26th in come-from-behind wins in '23. Now, thanks to new addition Juan Soto, the early sense is that they can win any game at any time.

While Soto has torn it up offensively, on the defensive side Clayton Beeter has been a bright spot on the mound, an area that sorely needs it. Yet, the Yankees are... sending him to the minors?

Clayton Beeter sent to Scranton in curious move

Beeter became the first Yankee pitcher since 2003 (Mariano Rivera) to throw a three-pitch inning (H/T YankeesMuse). The Yankees have had immaculate innings since then, but never a three-pitch inning.

Bryan Hoch reported on Saturday that Beeter has been optioned to the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Rail Riders. Boone said that the reasons are two-fold: It'll get Beeter, who has been a starter in the minors but a reliever in the majors, bullpen experience with the minor league team that needs it, and allow the team to monitor and protect his injury history while he develops in Triple-A.

Never mind that Beeter's one inning thus far was a productive one, he's also not even used his arm much yet, having thrown just those three pitches. So, earnestly, miss me with the idea that he's at risk of injury right now from overwork.

Beeter, 25, is in a tough spot for the Yankees who are oscillating between wanting to get him experience while not exposing him too much, too early in his career. But after an enticing start, one would think the Yankees would be salivating at the idea of getting him back on the mound to see just how replicable his success on Friday was, not putting him on the plane back to Eastern P.A.

Never fear, Yankee fans. It's just a matter of when, not if Beeter will be back up at the big league level to help.