Yoshinobu Yamamoto and 3 more moves the Yankees must make after Juan Soto trade

Now that the New York Yankees have traded for Juan Soto, they have a chance at their 28th World Series title in 2024. But they shouldn't stop with him.

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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1. Sign Marcus Stroman

Even if the Yankees land Yamamoto, they could still have an opportunity to build an elite rotation. With Marcus Stroman still available, Cashman should reach out to his representatives. Imagine a rotation of Cole, Yamamoto, Stroman, Cortes Jr, and Rodon.

Signing Stroman also allows Clarke Schmidt to go back into the bullpen, as he's only made 11 career starts in his four-year career with the Yankees. Stroman on the other hand, has 3.65 ERA across 223 starts in MLB.

The two-time All-Star knows what it takes to pitch in the big city, as he spent two seasons with the New York Mets. In 2021, Stroman made 33 starts and posted a 3.03 ERA.

Building a strong rotation is vital for teams aiming for it all. New York already has horses, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't add more. If they pull off the Yamamoto signing, then Stroman could be the last piece to a potential lights-out starting rotation in the Bronx.