Yoshinobu Yamamoto rumors: Mets edge, Red Sox and Giants used, Harper meeting

  • Do the New York Mets have an inside edge for Yoshinbou Yamamoto?
  • Were the Red Sox and Giants offers to Yamamoto real?
  • How Bryce Harper was utilized in Phillies meeting with Yamamoto.

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MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper played a role in Phillies Yoshinobu Yamamoto meeting

The Philadelphia Phillies met with Yoshinobu Yamamoto over the weekend. In doing so, they were just the latest team to try and convince the Japanese ace to join their organization. Yamamoto has confirmed interest from the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Giants and more. He's among the most coveted international free agents since Shohei Ohtani, and he's currently holding up the market.

In the Phillies meeting with Yamamoto, Bryce Harper reportedly called in to facetime. While Harper couldn't be there in person -- he lives in the Las Vegas area -- his presence in the meeting surely did the Phillies some favors, as they're considered a longshot to land Yamamoto at this stage.

Yamamoto is a player who craves the big stage. New York or Los Angeles is a far more likely destination than Philadelphia, even if it's a top baseball market. The Phillies selling point has to be the fanbase, and competitive nature of their ball-club.

If anything, they are one piece away from competing with the Braves and Dodgers for the most pure talent in the NL. And despite losing out the Braves in the regular season, Philadelphia beat their division foe in the NLDS. They were one game away from winning the pennant for the second consecutive year.

Yamamoto may prefer the allure of New York or Los Angeles more than Philadelphia, but he's making a mistake if he's not taking them seriously.