Yoshinobu Yamamoto rumors: “Mystery team” in the mix gives dark horses hope

The trio of favorites for Yoshinobu Yamamoto may have competition.

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Yoshinobu Yamamoto is the hottest free agent on the market so it's no wonder just about every team in MLB wants him. Only one team can have him though, and it's become clear that there are three favorites to win the race.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and New York Mets are widely considered to remain in contention. The San Francisco Giants have been informed they're out of the race.

However, there could be another team in the mix. According to Hector Gomez, there is a "mystery team" is also involved.

"Hearing that a mystery team adds Yankees, Dodgers and Mets in the Yamamoto pursuit," Gomez tweeted.

"Mystery team" adds intrigue to Yoshinobu Yamamoto free agency

Everyone seems to agree the Yankees and Dodgers are at the front of the line to sign Yamamoto with the Mets hanging around as a possibility. The identity of the mystery team is a myster, but there are educated guesses to be made here.

The Philadelphia Phillies have reportedly made an offer for Yamamoto, so it would make sense if they were still in the mix.

The Boston Red Sox have reportedly met with Yamamoto and there have been no indications that they were told they're out like the Giants. So Boston is certainly a consideration.

A handful of other teams have been floated as a potential destination for Yamamoto, including the Blue Jays, who would love to make a splash after missing out on Ohtani.

FanSided's Christopher Kline suggested the Braves and others as teams that should make a surprise bid.

So there are many options for who the mystery team might be. A resolution to this free agency saga may ultimately reveal which team it is.

UPDATE: Jon Heyman has named the Phillies as "potential dark horse" further adding to the argument that they are the mystery team.

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